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Honorable Living – Assisted Living Facilities On the whole, assisted living is the term utilized to refer to the senior citizen homes. It includes helping them do their daily activities of life, personal care by well-trained professionals, administration of medications, as well as monitoring their activities to be certain that they are safeguarded and receive the proper kind of care. This can be factual for any people who were not able to perform their activities of daily living or ADLs, but these are usually given to the senior citizens, physically and mentally challenged, and individuals who are suffering from long-term diseases that make them become dependent to other people. It is actually a vision of delivery of services and care so as to let them live a dignified life. It is definite that the assisted living facilities are registered and certified at the state level. The assisted living facilities, old people’s homes, as well as personal care homes are just a couple of the names utilized for this kind of facility. This type of facilities are a means to be certain that proper care and concern are given to the individuals who are not able to do it for themselves. There is no means you can equate or compare assisted living facilities with nursing homes because they just have big differences between them.
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1. The nursing homes avail the services offered by registered medical professionals such as nurses, paramedical staffs and doctors who render care and medical services to the residents. The non-medical staffs, however, usually gives assisted living facilities and perchance that they have qualified medical practitioners on the list of their staff, then their work is only limited to rendering routine medical services.
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2. There is greater fondness over privacy as well as personal care in assisted living facilities. There is an estimation of about one million Americans who would opt to stay in assisted living facilities. For this reason, more importance is provided to assisted living facilities in contrast to nursing homes. An assisted living facility, in general, is usually a reestablished school or Victorian house that has spacious and large areas where all the residents can eat all together as well as do recreational and social activities in order to encourage bonding of everyone as a huge family for them not to feel the absence of their families and other loved ones. A couple of services provided by the assisted living facilities are cooking and serving of meals and snacks, washing and ironing of linens as well as personal clothing, administration of medicines, supervision by doctors, guidance for indoor activities, reading and engaging them into things that interest the residents for them to keep the fire burning to live a noble life.