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Top Signs That Your Teen May Be in Crisis

There is no doubt that living with teens can be difficult. They can be moody, and they know how to push buttons. They are in a weird place, not a child, yet not quite an adult. They want freedom and independence, yet they are not equipped to deal with it. It can be difficult to determine whether a teen is simply being a teen, or if there is more going on. There are signs that a teen is in crisis. Being able to spot these signs can help parents get the help that they need.

A change in friends

A child who suddenly has a new group of friends, or who suddenly doesn’t want to hang out with any friends at all, could be in need of some help. Dropping all of their old friends and picking up new friends can indicate drug use, or that they child is engaging in other risky behaviors. Not hanging out with any friends at all may be a sign of depression.

Withdrawing from the family

This can also be a sign of depression. Or perhaps that child is being distant to hide certain behaviors from the family. The teen may also be having a difficult time fitting in or feeling accepted.

Extreme rebellion

Some rebellion is normal in teenagers. They want to be their own person and do their own thing. However, when this rebellion is taken to the extreme, it’s cause for concern. Most teens will sneak out at least once, if it’s something that’s done continuously, it’s a problem. If the child is engaging in illegal activities, this is considered a crisis and immediate help is needed. Promiscuous behavior is also dangerous and another sign that help is needed.

All of the above behaviors show a need for help. Often more help than parents can provide, click to check out Sedona Sky Academy. The professionals here know how to reach troubled teens. They can help the teen work out the issues that are causing their erratic behavior. Whether it’s drug use, depression, or extreme rebellion, they have ways to reach through the layer of defenses that teens have up. Once these walls are broken down, healing can take place.