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Service Projects to Participate in at Sedona Sky Academy

Learning academic lessons in a school environment is not all that is important for a young adult. Participating in the community offers its benefits as well, especially since students in their teenage years will soon be a contributing member to that community. Through the use of service projects, Sedona Sky Academy is allowing students the chance to do something helpful for the community they are in, and learn valuable lessons about the importance of compassion and helping. There are several service projects to participate in.

Volunteering at a Retirement Community

One of the main projects students participate in is at volunteering at a retirement community. While there, some may assist with basic care and learn the skills of a caregiver. Others may simply provide entertainment, such as singing. No matter which type of service the girls offer, they are still helping someone who needs it.

Feeding the Homeless

Many shelters are understaffed and overbooked. It is often difficult to find enough people to help make and serve food for the homeless who stay there. Each week, students can help feed the homeless by volunteering at a shelter. They can cook, help clean afterward, or be in the front lines serving the food to those who are in need.

Personalized Project

Some may have an idea for a project that they wish to complete. These ideas can be ran by the leaders of the school. If approved, the girls may work on their personalized projects instead of the others available.

Aside from the aforementioned projects that students may choose from, there are also other projects that everyone must complete. For example, twice a year the older girls at Sedona Sky participate in the Presidential Classroom in Washington D.C. This allows them to see firsthand how the government works, and participate in important discussions among business leaders and top officials. When considering the cost of Sedona Sky Academy tuition, parents should realize that not only do their daughters get to receive the help they need in both their personal lives and academically, but they also get to experience service projects of this nature that put them out into the community to do some good and gain some life experience.