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Hampton Creek Foods Help Parents Deal With a Child’s Allergy to Eggs

It’s a distressing moment when parents are informed their young child is allergic to eggs. They’ve probably suspected this before a definitive diagnosis, having seen reactions such as stomach upset, sneezing or wheezing. The parents are certainly thankful nothing worse has developed, but an egg allergy will be inconvenient. They’ll clear processed foods containing eggs from the pantry, cupboards and refrigerator, and start looking for alternatives. When doing research online about acceptable foods for the little one, they’ll be gratified to find an Article about Hampton Creek and its dedication to producing food items without eggs.

Parents may want to keep egg-based foods out of the house altogether, at least until the entire family is on the same page about what the child with the allergy can and cannot eat. Hampton Creek offers them a way to have a sandwich spread that tastes very similar to mayonnaise. Now everyone can still eat this type of spread with sandwiches and salads made with macaroni, chicken or tuna. The company has a line of salad dressings that are safe for the little one as well. Parents who encourage their kids to eat leafy greens and raw vegetables know that a delicious salad dressing can be a big help in that regard. The child might have a preference for ranch, Italian, Thousand Island or some other topping; with Hampton Creek, parents know none of the dressings will contain any egg content.

No doubt, the youngster will be most pleased to discover Just Cookie Dough. This refrigerated item can be used to bake fresh cookies, and it also can be eaten straight from the container without anyone worrying about eating raw eggs. Everyone in the family can enjoy having a spoonful of chocolate chip cookie dough now and then or adding some to ice cream, after verifying which ice cream brands do not contain eggs.

The good news is that most children outgrow the egg allergy by the time they’re in elementary school, and more become free of the allergy during the teen years. Parents can consult with the child’s doctor on a safe way to determine whether this has occurred. They’ll probably still buy Hampton Creek foods, having discovered how tasty these items are and how affordable too.