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Exam Tables with Stirrups – Allowing Patients to Stay Comfortable

Medical exam tables are an integral part of a doctor’s office or clinic or a hospital. If you visit any doctor’s office, then you must have definitely noticed it. The tables are covered with hygienic and stain-resistant vinyl and its derivatives that provide smooth and comfortable surfaces for the patients to sit or lean while being examined. There are different types of medical exam tables with stirrups that are suited to a particular use. Some of them are simple, flat slabs made up of wood or metal while others are complex and can be adjusted to accommodate the patients comfortably.

Modern exam tables have a padded and seamless cushion that is quite comfortable to recline. Their surfaces are resistant to stains or any type of dents and rips. These tables are disinfected and simply can be wiped dry. Some other features include adjustable headrest mounted on a steel frame with or without drawers, a paper roll holder and an articulated kneeler. Existing premium models are equipped with programmable configuration settings.

Bariatric exam tables

Bariatric exam tables are used for the examination of the patients suffering from obesity. These tables have become very popular over the last several decades. These can easily accommodate obese patients and are designed to safely hold 800 pounds and sometimes more. It is imperative for the equipment to be designed keeping in mind their physical incapability. These tables offer quick release and have hand-powered backrest controls with fully articulating footrest.

Radiolucent exam tables

Radiolucent exam tables are those medical treatment tables that are designed to be used during imaging procedures. These tables are devised from powder-coated metal and consist of lecrolite pad that helps in minimizing the static electricity. Some more common features of this table include IV pole and adjustable side rails. Some of the radiolucent tables are designed specifically for ultrasound procedures. The tables also consist of collapsible leg extension and when observed for pelvic imaging, it can be lowered for easier access with adjustable stirrups. This feature is best used for gynecological and urological examination.

Tilt Table

Tilt Table is another unusual and unique style of medical exam table that is also called hi-low tilt table. This table is designed in the way that it has variety of straps that can secure the patients on the table and prevent them to slide off when the table is tilted. The table has extreme range of motion and it can be tilted to the point that the patient becomes almost perpendicular to the floor. They are used when the patient have difficulty in bending down.

Medical exam tables with stirrups are essential equipment that offers several benefits to patients and their caretakers. This fully adjustable equipment with powered back is designed to help achieve a reliable examination of the patient. As, all the medical procedures are very stressful and frightening, so these modern exam tables whether manually adjustable or mechanized, have helped patients to be as comfortable as possible thus reducing stress and providing composure to the doctor as well as patient.